Living in Tilburg

Tilburg; the sixth city of the Netherlands is a dynamic city to study, work and recreate. Are you ready to be talented?

Investing in Talent is investing in the future
A node of knowledge, skills and capabilities; that's what Talent Square
should be. Tilburg is ambitious and constantly looking for new initiatives
that strengthening the regional economy. As the sixth city of the country Tilburg wants to be an attractive location for (International) companies and invests therefore much in a pleasant residential, work location and climate. Talent Square is such an initiatieve that should give the Tilburg economy a boost over the coming years.

We have in Netherlands but especially in the province of North Brabant, far too few people to respond to our request for knowledge. North Brabant is heading off within a few years at a deficit of more than forty thousand knowledge workers. Training our own talents is no longer enough, we will also need to extract them from abroad and have to ensure that they stay. And that can only be done by a proper guidance, rapid integration and facilitating appropriate living space. TBV Wonen, Cardan and Volker Wessels recognized this and therefore work together on this innovative initiative called Talent Square. Together with the municipality, the Tilburg University (UvT) and the leading enterprises in the area Tilburg will be better recognised as a knowledge city.
Tilburghas a broad range of studies that high standing internationally also. Approximately 27,000 students studying in Tilburg at one of three institutions of higher education: Tilburg University, Fontys and Avans. More than 1 in 10 of these students is foreign and this number is growing. But not only the quality of studies counts, but also the features and appearance of the city. We want to retain these students for Tilburg, then a right balance between a good quality training and a pleasant quality of life essential. It is therefore essential for good, safe and above all affordable homes to have. Talent Square provides therein. Not only students, but also foreign knowledge workers are housed
Tilburgwants to be a city where entrepreneurship among students also flourishes and where graduates can find an appropriate course level so that they want to remain in Tilburg. The key to success in this kind of ambition lies in a close collaboration between commune, students, educational institutions and business. Therefore, the key lies in Talent Square. It is a community where talents feel comfortable and where they will be facilitated with a lot of fully pre-conditions that they no longer have to create. Talent Square is also designed to meet the growing demand among students to better quality homes with stand-alone facilities. Working on a joint approach in which the Talent Square talent is the central topic.
With a past as a textile town and a reputation as a logistics node we are facing a very new challenge for the coming years. Talent Square is a unique and special initiative that unites, fascinates and retains talents for our city. It provides facilities enabling maximum talent can develop. Also In a vital student city prospers the knowledge economy, with innovations,  knowledge and new forms of activity. This creates a high quality climate knowledge where new and existing companies benefit in Tilburg. In short, investing in talent is therefore investing in the future of Tilburg.
The ' Talent ' concept, to the heart of Square emerges in the Tilburg Railway zone area and consists of approximately 700 fully furnished apartments and 10,000 m2 of commercial space. The area covers 12.587 m2 with a development of 30,000 m2 and includes a total investment of over 50 million euro. The intention is that the construction work will start early in 2012. The scheduled delivery stands for June/July 2013, so just before the start of the academic year 2013/2014. In addition to the 700 student residences, there are various business areas for sale and/or for rent ideal for companies that use (want to) create high-value knowledge workers. The complex also includes several services and activities that cater specifically to focus on the young talents. Thinking of an agency for guiding students to a flex job or assist with the first steps on the labour market after completion of the study. A travel agency for cheap and/or specific student trips and a facilitator for students to help the students with things like banking, insurance, ICT and municipal regulations. Of course there is also an entertainment/dining option for students